Restorative Pilates

Develop a well-functioning and painless body with Restorative pilates.

Restorative Pilates is an open Reformer/Tower-class that focuses on you, who experiences recurring back- or neck-pain. We have a maximum of 4 participants per class, making sure that there is plenty of opportunity to focus on each participant’s challenges.

In Restorative pilates we use pilates-equipment to restore your body in the most caring and effective way.

The training will always take place in a calm tempo. This ensures that you will have time to work thoroughly with your stability, flexibility and balance. Restorative Pilates can be used both as rehabilitation as well as injury-prevention.

Requirements for participation

Participation in the class requires that you have experience from our other Reformer/Tower-classes, or at least 5 private classes. You are welcome to write to, so we can evaluate in cooperation, whether the class is a good option for you or not.

Instructor at the Restorative Pilates class

Carleen Smil has been a pilates instructor for more than 10 years, and has taught both in the U.S. and in Europe. Carleen also has a comprehensive pilates education in rehabilitation and neuro-muscular rehabilitation. Carleen teaches in English.




See the schedule here

How many

Max 4 participants.


1 clip – 249 kr.
5 clips – 1.175 kr.
10 clips – 2.195 kr.

Cancellation to all teams no later than 12 hours before.

Attendance 10 minutes before.

“I have received a tailored program at Pilates Cph, that focuses on the places where my body needs to be tightened. Pilates has in 4 months restored my body, given me a flat abdomen and a strong back. It is amazing to have gotten the energy back.”

Julie Fagerholt