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There are several Pilates methods – at Pilates Cph we cover both classic and modern. At Pilates Cph, we are classically trained.

Over the years, however, we have taken many courses and continuing education in Contemporary Pilates. This means that we now master and use both in our teaching. Our experience is that we are all different and have different needs, so both pilates methods have their place. On our instructor education we teach in the classic system in relation to the choice of exercises and the order of exercises. However, we combine that with theory from our many courses and further education. Furthermore, we naturally include the knowledge that is today about biomechanics and proper use of the body.


How do I terminate a membership?

The term of notice for monthly membership (PBS or DIBS) runs until the end of the current month plus one month. Notice must be given via e-mail to Pilates Cph at info@pilatescph.dk. A monthly membership cannot be terminated in a period of suspended membership.

How do i register when i come to the studio?

You must be present 10 minutes before the class starts, or you risk losing your place to another present participant on the waiting list. 

Can I cancel a class booking?

Of course! All memberships offer that you can cancel a class booking, if it should happen that you do not want to participate anyway. In case of cancellation for classes at Pilates Cph the notification must be given by unbooking online at least 12 hours before the class begins, or you will be charged for the class if you hold a cash membership (clips), and in case of a monthly membership you will be charged 50 DKK.

Can I suspend my membership?

It is possible to suspend a membership free of charge for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 6 months – for no more than two times a year. Notification of suspension must be given via e-mail before the first day of the month where you want the suspension.

How many classes do Pilates Cph offer?

At Pilates Cph we have 45 weekly classes on the class schedule. The class schedule for Nørregade can be seen here. The team plan for Vesterbrogade can be seen here.

Class training

With a Pilates monthly membership you can train unlimited. With a maximum of 10 participants on the classes, to ensure you get the best teaching at team level. At every class you are challenged with your strength and agility, balance and combustion.

Private classes

You can train at all levels, work on physical injuries, rehabilitate or improve on your favorite sport (eg. golf swing, dance, football). You get the most intensive training when your core is strong, your movement is well-coordinated, and your strength optimal.

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