Pilates Postnatal Training

Pilates is the best exercise when you want to get fit again after birth.

Pilates Postnatal Training is a tailored 10-week course. It is created specifically for you who want to get fit after pregnancy and childbirth.

Throughout the 10 weeks, you will be focusing on the areas you have been experiencing during pregnancy and childbirth – including pelvic floor, stomach and back. In the training, we use both Springboard, Barrels, Magic Circle, balls, blocks, elastic and weights.

The training will help you rebuild your body from the inside out. Pilates Rebirth Training is very suitable for you, who will quickly and efficiently in a good and strong shape again. We recommend that you start exercising only 8 weeks after birth if no complications have occurred during birth. Please contact us at info@pilatescph.dk.

The small gold clumps are of course welcome, but as a rule, they will not be part of the training. And if they need a nap we have plenty of room for prams in the yard.

NOTE! “Registration for a closed course is binding and the money is not refundable. This applies to all closed courses “



Benefits of postnatal pilates
    • Firm-up and strengthen the body’s core muscles
    • By creating a “girdle” around your middle you will develop greater strength in your back and stomach muscles
    • Increases arm strength
    • Improves posture
    • Reduces back pain and tenderness
    • Overall conditioning
    • Decreased anxiety and increases energy

“As a newborn mother, I have enjoyed coming to the aftermath team, focusing on strengthening my own body, which really needed. I have come to a place where there was room for my child to fill a little in the room. “

“I highly recommend this place and instructors’ expertise. I’ve been to Pilates Cph ever since my body really likes it and only after I’ve got a child that requires me to stay physically strong.”

Loulou Iversen

Cand. Mag. og psykoterapeut



More classes will come.
The dates have not been planned. 

How Many

Max 10 participants, so we can ensure that you train efficiently and correctly.


995 kr. for 10 classes.

Do you want a closed course to your mothers’ group, please contact us at info@pilates.dk