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Workshop – Advancing On the Reformer – 24. marts kl. 11.00-14.00

One of the primary indicators that an exercise in the Pilates repertory is advanced is the fact that the body has less contact and support from either the floor, as in the case of the mat work, or the platforms of the equipment. What becomes evident right away in the advanced Reformer exercises is one ́ s ability to ̈ keep-it-together ̈ while on a moving surface. In this workshop, we will explore the advanced exercises on the Reformer that require a heightened level of body awareness, control, and balance. We will look closely at teaching strategies that safely build-up the student’s strength and confidence so that they will meet the challenge successfully and ultimately enjoy the fullest expression of the movement.


Workshop – With Springs: Resistance and Support – 24. marts kl. 14.30-17.30

Does the spring tension matter? How do you know what springs to use? When might loading springs from left to right matter? When do you use the middle spring? How do the springs “act” differently on the Reformer, Low Chair, and Cadillac? Are the springs doing the work for the student? These are just some of the questions that we will cover in this workshop. You will learn how to work with the springs rather than against the tension of the springs. Becoming more knowledgeable about how to use the springs will better equip you with the tools needed to provide a more tailored session for your students.


Workshop – Defying Gravity – Inversions! – 25. marts kl. 13.00-16.00

To be strong and agile requires that we challenge our bodies to move in all directions. Join me in this playful exploration of rotation, side-bending, and arms standing. As we jump on and off the Pilates equipment an emphasis will be made on highlighting connections between other exercises in the repertory, proper alignment and body mechanics, and a whole vs. parts movement philosophy that grounds Maria ́s teaching. In this workshop participants will be challenged explore their own twisting, side-being and inversion practice at whatever level they are at.


This class is SOLD OUT!
Masterclass with Magic Circle – 23. marts kl. 16.00-17.30

Maria will teach an innovative and creative approach to the Pilates Mat exercises using the Magic Circle.  Positioned against the body in a variety of ways the  Magic Circle is a great tool to work deeper and to create a more centered, grounded and powerful experience of the mat work.



This class is SOLD OUT!
Masterclass with Small Equipment – 25. marts kl. 11.00-12.30 

In this master class we will use mini barrels, foam rollers, and balls as tools to release rib cage rigidity and the habits of tightly gripped chest, back, and abdominal muscles.  With all of the forward, flexed activities we repeat throughout our modern lives (sitting, typing, texting, driving, reading, cooking, holding babies, etc.) whole-body health depends on thoracic mobility.  In this masterclass we will use the small equipment to create more ease and freedom to move in our bodies.


Maria Earle´s Bio

Maria completed the comprehensive Advanced Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center (Colorado, USA) in 1997. The roots of her training stem from the classical Pilates lineage and while she remains committed to imparting this innately intelligent method as it was taught to her, she continues to find great inspiration from new perspectives and innovations regarding the attainment of happier, healthier bodies.

Motivated by the belief that good teaching becomes excellent when the teacher cultivates the pupil within;

Maria continues to unpack the lessons of her teachers. Her approach to Pilates has undergone a profound evolution and was deeply enriched by her mentor Kathleen Stanford Grant (a protégé of Joseph Pilates) with whom she studied with for thirteen years while living in New York City. Maria is grateful to all the teachers and colleagues who have inspired and guided her throughout her career, most notably; Cara Reeser, Debora Robinson Kolwey, Amy Taylor Alpers, Rachel Taylor Segel, Deborah Lessen, Beth Downey, Irene Dowd and Michal Keller.

As a Second Generation teacher with 20 years of experience in the Pilates industry; Maria tailors sessions to meet a variety of fitness and wellness goals. The cornerstone of her teaching philosophy is that no two bodies are alike. Maria’s approach is to work closely with the client to identify their individual needs and to empower them to lead a more fulfilled life through transforming the body, informing the mind and enlivening the spirit. Known for her creativity when problem-solving, detailed instruction, a keen intuitive sense, and light-hearted humor, Maria’s mission is to challenge her students to reach their greatest movement potential.

Maria is currently based in Barcelona, Spain where she lives with her husband and son. She travels internationally to guest teach and present workshops for Pilates teachers.
She can be seen teaching Pilates on Maria speaks English and Spanish.




24. marts kl. 11.00-14.00
Advancing On the Reformer

24. marts kl. 14.30-17.30
Springs: Resistance and Support

25. marts kl. 13.00-16.00
Defying Gravity – Inversions! 



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