Reformer/Tower – small classes

Classic Tower- and Reformer pilates exercises with more variation and challenges.

The classes are based on the classic Tower- and Reformer pilates exercises, which have a great deal of focus on challenging your control, strength, and balance.

In the smaller classes, we can customize the exercises more precisely to your wishes and needs whether it is finely toned muscles, more flexibility or rehabilitation due to an injury.

Preferably you should be on an Intermediary Matwork level before signing up for Reformer/Tower classes to get the most out of the workout.

You can also ask your instructor for advice on whether you are ready for Reformer/Tower training.

Classes with classic tower- and reformer pilates exercises


How many

3-4 people


Closed classes
Duration of 10 classes at a fixed time each week.
We continually start new classes. For mere information, please write to

Please notice that beginners in a Reformer/Towers class are not the same as Pilates beginners.

10 classes – 1.995 DKK

Open classes
Tuesday at 09.00

10 classes – 2.195 DDK
5 classes – 1.175 DDK
1 class – 249 DKK

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Notification of cancellation for all classes must be given at least 12 hours in advance. Turn up 10 minutes before the class starts.