Pilates classes

Whether you are a beginner or have trained pilates all of your life, we will always have a class to suit your exact needs.

If you have never tried pilates before, we recommend that you try out one of our free introductory classes on your first visit. All new members will start out with a basic class, so we can evaluate which class will provide you with the optimal training.

Pilates Matwork

Pilates Intro
Prevent injuries by training correctly. In Pilates Intro you will learn the basic techniques and concepts, so you will gain the best results from your Matwork class.

Basic Matwork
In this class, we work thoroughly with the basic exercises and principles of matwork pilates. The Basic Matwork class will provide you with all the skills you need to enter intermediary and advanced classes. The Basic Matwork class focuses on your core muscles.

Intermediate Matwork
Intermediate Matwork is a technically challenging and tough class that allows your body to work on strength and flexibility.

Advanced Matwork
The highest intensity matwork class with a maximum degree of challenging technique and a high degree of flow. The Advanced Matwork class will focus on both strength and flexibility, along with balance and burning calories.

Open Matwork
The level varies and adjusts according to the participants, but it requires a basic knowledge of classic pilates.

Pilates Springboard Classes

The ultra-effective system of springs in the springboard strengthens and tones your body allowing you to achieve most of what you can also do on a Tower. That means focus on arms, legs, and buttocks as a supplement to core training. The Springboard is therefore also a great supplement to Matwork.




We haveĀ over 30 classes weekly.

How many

Class size is limited to 10 participants, so we can ensure you an effective and correct workout.


Monthly membership for Pilates Matwork and Springboard
Unlimited Pilates Matwork
749 DKK. per month

Voucher for Pilates Matwork and Springboard
1 class 189 DDK
5 classes 795 DKK
10 classes 1449 DDK

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Please note! Notification of cancellation for all classes must be given at least 12 hours in advance. Turn up 10 minutes before the class starts.